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I agree, it does have that old school Dungeons & Dragons cartoon feeling, as well as most of any 1980's cartoons ( like Captain N for example).

You sir, have made my day.

I was gonna refrain on commenting

Until AFTER we won first place.

Really great job

You were able to carry the feeling the game gave off very well. I know voodoo vince wasn't a popular game, but it's nice to see an "homage" or "fan fiction" or whatever you want to call it.

I actually just bought Voodoo Vince brand new for five bucks, sometimes it's nice to have older gen consoles.

Emanhattan responds:

you a lucky boi

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It's okay

However very glitchy, I'm not sure if it's because I use Firefox and it's a browser issue, but on every level, almost everything disappears, except for the stationary background.

Very nice game

Calming music sets the mood, the way you introduce the colors are very very nice. I love how sometimes you have to backtrack.

Only problem I have found, is once I get the star, it will not go on the tree when I click it.

Oh, and question. The sound clip used when you "acquire" a new color, is the sound from morrorwind when you use a spell? I swear to god it reminds me of it.

SilverStitch responds:

Completely assemble the tree first~~
And it is similar from Morrowind, but I edit it myself~~ =)

It's good

But I would like to see a less sluggish control system. It takes quite a while for the plane to pull up, and dive down. I like the idea. Maybe also add the option to go left and right on the screen as well to pick up the upgrades/items?

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The vocal quality is terrible. And what the hell is with the rap shit? Rap and metal doesn't mix.

696-dregon-696 responds:

does to... and n***a the vocal quality in this track is straight

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Your still drawings

You want some honesty?

Here's some blunt truth.

Your still art for these characters, is better than your flash art.

But here's another tip.

Don't take what any of us assholes say seriously. Your username shows that yes, people have gotten to you.

But at the same time, posting your animation and art up here shows that you have bigger balls (yes, I know you're a female) than most of the people who review.

I would suggest to take out the "do not steal" as most people would steal it just for that.

I, am a man.

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